• Grease 1-13

Grease 1-13 TU spec. 0254-02-53839702-2009

Grease 1-13 is a general-purpose antifriction lubricant intended for use at high air temperature.
Substitute: Litol-24

Scope: various rolling bearings (uncommon use - plain bearings); electric motor bearings; old-fashioned motor car wheel hub bearings etc.

Key performance characteristics: low water resistance, if this grease comes in contact with water, it gets emulsified; water-soluble grease High performance at the temperature range of minus 20 °С to plus 110 °С.

Composition: Petroleum oil low and medium viscosity mixture gelled by using sodium-calcium suppers of castor oil acids
Physiochemical parameters:

Parameter name

TU specs values


Homogeneous low-granular 00grease; color: from yellow to dark-brown

Melting temperature, °С, min.


Penetration capacity, at 25 °С, as mixed (60 double strokes), mm·10-1


Colloidal stability (released oil mass fraction), %, max.


Ultimate strength at 80 °С, Pa, min.


Free alkali mass fraction, %, max

не более


Free organic acid content


Water mass fraction, %, max.


Mechanical impurity content

hydrochloric acid-insoluble


Metal corrosive effect


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Grease 1-13

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