• Tsiatim-205

Tsiatim-205 grease as per GOST

Tsiatim-205 grease - antifriction low-temperature grease
Substitutes: Era, Zimol

Scope: tooth and worm gearing; friction and rolling bearings; various power drive; screw pairs, loaded reduction gears; open-site operating mechanisms; motor car friction units

Key performance characteristics: as compared with other lubricants, it has better performance than Tsiatim-201 by its chemical and colloidal stability, water resistance and wear-resistant properties. High performance at the temperature range of minus 50 °С to plus 90 °С.

Composition: petroleum transformer oil gelled by using lithium soaps of stearic acid, hydrogenated fat and sulphurated asidol ; it contains viscous and antiscoring additives.
Physiochemical parameters

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