• Lubricant Armatol-238

Grease Armatol-238 THAT 0254-08-53839702-2006

Grease Armatol-238 — sealing lubricant.

Field of application: sealing of locking devices of wellhead oilfield equipment oil and gas fields; used when the content in the gas less than 25% (H2S+CO2).

Main operational characteristics: slightly soluble in liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, partly soluble in gasoline. Working temperature from minus 50 (minus 20) to plus 120°C.

Composition: mixture of castor and synthetic oils, thickened with modified aèrosilom; contains graphite.

Grease Armatol-238 23 kg

Packaging - thin-wall steel drum 25 l

Physico-chemical characteristics:

Name of the indicator
Norm on the other
Homogeneous ointment of silvery-black color
Dropping point, °C, not below
Penetration at 25°C without stirring (60 double strokes) mm·10-1
Colloid stability (mass fraction apportionmentx oil), %, not more
Strength at 80°C, PA, not less

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Lubricant Armatol-238

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