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Solid Oil ZH
Graphite grease
Grease 1-13
Railway grease
Railway grease LZ-TSNII
Automotive grease Shrus-4
Gas tap grease
Armatol-238 grease
Fiol-2 grease
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Greetings from MISMA - the manufacturer of high-quality grease products. Our company manufactures a wide range of products: Litol-24, Solid Oil-ZH, Solid Oil-С, Tsiatim-201, Tsiatim-203, Tsiatim-221, Shrus-4.

We manufacture the following products, as well: gas tap lubricants, graphite lubricants, lubricants 1-13, railway lubricants, I-1L lubricants, LP-13 lubricants and other grease products

All MISMA grease products are certified and meet applicable Russian standards; all the works and products are duly licensed and the grease manufacturing process totally satisfies the latest quality, environment safety and product reliability requirements set out by the Russian standards.  Solid oil, Litol, Tsiatim,Transol and other MISMA lubricant products has successfully passed numerous of tests and, in practice, they have proved their exceptional performance in extreme conditions.

MISMA products are widely applied in mineral-resource, metal-working, and automobile industries; our products are in great demand and purchased by a number of major regional distributions centers and large industrial plants that operate within the territory of the Russian Federation.

Our lubricants may be shipped directly from the manufacturer by such transport facilities as consignment containers/railway cars, motor frights or on other EXW terms.СОЛИДОЛ Ж - пластичные смазки

Grease applications:

- for lubricating motor car driveline needle bearings and splined joints as prepacked with our grease for life (FIOL-2 grease);

- for lubricating constant-velocity joints and other friction units used in all wheel drive cars (SHRUS-4 grease);

- for lubricating wheeled vehicle and crawler friction units, industrial and marine machinery friction components (LITOL-24 grease);

- for lubricating low-loaded friction, rolling, and plain bearing units adopted for low shearing force (TSIATIM-201 grease);

- for lubricating roll-table and rolling mill bearings including metallurgical centralized grease-feeding facilities (IP-1 Industrial Grease).

SOLID OIL, LITOL, SHRUS-4 grease products - in suitable packages!

Widely available SOLID OIL-ZH-C products (cup solid oil, synthetic solid oil), as well as widespread LITOL products (LITOL 24) are packed in various containers suitable for selling both through retail distribution networks and through large transport companies and manufacturing facilities. LITOL, SOLID OIL, SHRUS-4, TSIATIM and other lubricants are supplied in 0.85 kg, 2 kg, 10 kg plastic containers and in ~20 kg barrels.

Litol 24, Solid Oil, TSIATIM, Shrus-4 and other grease product prices

Misma Shopping Center fixes the best pricing for LITOL 24, SOLID OIL and other grease products. Our grease product pricing is sourced from outstanding high quality of primary products, rigorous stage-to-stage process monitoring, suitable package design, and MISMA grease quality assurance management policy maintained by the manufacturer.

The pricing for such lubricants as Solid Oil, Litol, TSIATIM, SHRUS-4, railway grease and other products are available and can be found in the "Price List"; open our product catalog to place your order and send an application for procurement those products you are interested.

Litol 24 or Litol 24 "LUXURY"?

LITOL24 "LUXURY" grease is an equivalent of LITOL24 greaseas referred to its physiochemical parameters. The only thing LITOL "LUXURY" is featured with is its light-yellow color (conventional LITOL-24 color - from light-yellow to brown) that makes effect solely on aesthetic grease properties to be of current importance for retail distribution networks. Industrial customers make their predominant preference to the conventional LITOL-24 lubricants since they are priced less than those represented by LITOL-24 "LUXURY" with the lubricant characteristics kept out of any variation.

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ООО ТД "MISMA" - генеральный дилер ООО "МИСМА": реализация пластичных смазок (солидол, литол, циатим, графитная смазка и др.)



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