МИСМА РОС - солидол, литол, циатим, трансол
МИСМА - производство пластичных смазок

solidol, litol-24, graphith grease, transol, tsiatim, litol, fiol, shrus-4, railway grease,

Solid Oil ZH
Graphite grease
Grease 1-13
Railway grease
Railway grease LZ-TSNII
Automotive grease Shrus-4
Gas tap grease
Armatol-238 grease
Fiol-2 grease
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The MISMA LLC manufacturing plant was founded in December, 2000.

The purpose of our company iСклад пластичных смазок МИСМАs manufacturing of quality grease products: Litol-24, Solid Oil-ZH, Solid Oil-C, Tsiatim-201, Tsiatim-203, Tsiatim-221, Shrus-4, gas tap lubricants, graphite lubricants, lubricants 1-13, railway lubricants, IP-1L lubricants, IP-13 lubricants, and other lubricants affordable to any customer.

Our company does it best to improve the production process and to extend the range of products on a permanent basis. Our company could gain the yearly output of lubricants rated at 6000 tons.

An own tank battery, an additive warehouse, a chemical laboratory, a package-making shop, and a packing line are operated by the company.

We have the production facilities to be flexible enough for adjusting any process and for manufacturing grease products of various types as depends on the current market demands.

 The MISMA's chemical laboratory is engaged in analyzing a number of materials supplied by our contractors (100% of acceptance test); it tests products throughout all process stages and checks for compliance with the requirements set out in GOST and TU specification. 

This chemical laboratory is equipped with all necessary instruments and devices used for testing product quality to all applicable regulations and rigorous internal standards.Проверка качества пластичных смазок

For the purpose of advance training, our chemical laboratory personnel is periodically sent to the Ural Research Institute of Metrology. As for our production personnel, it takes the advance training in the Ufa State Petroleum Technological University. 

Metal barrels are produced at the MISMA's package shop. Since we have own package production facilities, we do not depend on any third-party suppliers and we can keep up prices at the lowest level.

The MISMA's product distribution network covers all the regions of the Russian Federation beginning from Murmansk and ending by Vladivostok; our products are supplied to the CIS countries including neighboring ones and beyond.

Our customers are represented by a number of companies engaged in operation in mineral-resource, metal-working, automobile industries and other industries including major regional distributions centers.

The MISMA is a dynamically developing company that offers its dealers conducting profitable business cooperation activity.

The slogan we use is as follows:  Individual approach to each client!  

Start your business with us!


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Наш адрес: Россия, Челябинская область, г. Миасс, Тургоякское шоссе, территория УПТК "Трест УралАвтоСтрой"



телефоны: (3513) 29-84-91, 29-84-94, e-mail: misma@misma.ru

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