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Graphite grease,

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Graphite grease
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Graphite grease

Смазка графитная

Graphite grease (grease USsA) GOST 3333-80

Graphite grease is a general-purpose antifriction lubricant intended for use at moderate air temperature.
Substitutes: Solid Oil ZH, Solid Oil S, Litol-24 with graphite additive

Scope: heavy-load low-speed gear friction units; spriings, tractor and vehicle suspension units, exposed drives, drilling bit bearing structures etc.

Key performance characteristics: Best performance at the temperature range of minus 20 to plus 60 °С; this type of grease is suitable for using in springs and similar products at 20 °С below of zero.

Composition: High-viscosity calcium soaps-gelled petroleum oil with graphite additives

Physiochemical parameters: 

Parameter name

GOST values


Homogeneous grease; color: from dark-brown to black

Melting temperature, °С, min.


Penetration capacity, at 25 °С, as mixed (60 double strokes), mm·10-1, min.


Effective viscosity at 0 °С and at the average strain velocity gradient of 10 s-1, Pa·s, max.


Colloidal stability (released oil mass fraction), %, max.


Shear strength, Pa, at 50 °С, min.


Water mass fraction, %, max.


Metal corrosive effect




ФотоОписаниеЦена за 1тЦена за ед.
Смазка графитная 23 кг
Фасовка - стальной тонкостенный барабан 25 л
Смазка графитная 10 кг
Фасовка - пластиковое ведро
Смазка графитная 2.1 кг
Фасовка - полиэтиленовая банка
Смазка графитная 0.85 кг
Фасовка - полиэтиленовая банка

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