• Solidol C

Synthetic solidol (solidol C) GOST 4366-76

Solidol C (synthetic solidol) is a general purpose antifriction grease for ordinary temperatures.

Substitutes: Solidol Zh, Litol-24

Scope: relatively rough friction units of mechanisms and machines, vehicles, agricultural machinery; hand and other tools, hinges, screw and chain transmissions, low-speed gear reducers, etc.

Main operational characteristics: good water resistance, colloidal stability, protective properties; narrow range of working temperatures; low mechanical stability. It is efficient at temperatures from minus 20 to plus 65 ° C, in sufficiently powerful mechanisms (bearings, joints, blocks, etc.), the lubricant is efficient at lower temperatures (up to minus 50 ° C).

Composition: a mixture of oils of acid-base and selective purification, thickened with calcium soaps of bottoms FFA (C20 and higher) and low molecular weight FFA C5-C6.

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Solidol C

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