• Grease reinforcing LZ-162

Grease reinforcing LZ-162

THAT 0254-12-53839702-2009

Grease reinforcing LZ-162 — used for sealing gaps, facilitate the Assembly and disassembly of valves, sealing devices.

Substitutes: -

Scope: in-line gate valves and plug valves gushing oil and gas wells when the pressure in the bottom to 100МПа. In direct-flow valves provides a seal at pressures up to 50 MPa, in pith cranes up to 12.5 MPa.

Main operational characteristics: soluble in hydrocarbons and insoluble in water. Working temperature 130 ° C minus 25 plus.

Composition: low-viscosity petroleum oil, thickened with lithium-zinc Soaps of stearic acid, contains resin, powdered mica, and aluminum oxide.

The drum 21 kg

Physico-chemical characteristics:

Name of the indicator
The norm according to GOST
AppearanceDense ointment from light yellow to light gray
Dropping temperature, onWith, not less
Penetration at 25onWith no mixing mm·10-1
The effective viscosity at 0°C and the average velocity gradient деформации10 with-1PA·s, not more
The tensile shear strength at 50onC, PA, not less
Mass fraction of free alkali in terms of NaOH, %, not more
The content of free organic acids
The lack of
The contents water
The lack of
The content of mechanical impurities insoluble in hydrochloric acid
The lack of
Corrosive impact on metals

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Grease reinforcing LZ-162

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