• GREASE axle

GREASE axle-box assemblies. THAT 0254-29-53839702-2013

LUBRICATION for rolling bearings of locomotives (axle assemblies) – multipurpose antifriction water resistant grease for low-temperature rail transport; successfully replaces the LRW and grease LZ-TSNII.

Application area: rolling bearings of locomotives, passenger and freight wagons, motor wagon rolling stock.

Main exploitation characteristics: high anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosive properties. Grease working temperature from minus 50C to plus 60C may be used at a temperature in the amount of the friction knot to plus 120C.

Composition: mixture of mineral oils, thickened with lithium Soaps of oleic and 12-hydroxystearic acid, contains additive system providing increased antifriction and protective properties.


Physico-chemical characteristics:

Name of the indicator

Norm on the other


Homogeneous ointment from light brown to dark brown

Dropping temperature onC, not below


Penetration at 25onWith stirring, mm·10-1


Tensile strength at 50onC, PA


Colloid stability, % of the allocated oil, not more


The water content

The lack of

Content of mechanical impurities

The lack of

The effective viscosity at minus 30onAnd an average gradient of strain rate 10 s-1PA·s, not more


Tribological characteristics on four-ball machine at a temperature of (25±5)onWith:

- critical load (Rto), (N) not less than

the diameter of the spot of wear (Di) load 196Н for 1H., mm, not more




Packaging: steel drums weighing 21kg, plastic buckets weighing 10kg

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