• Railway Lubricant JRO

Grease train LRW THAT 0254-01-53839702-2009

Grease LRW — friction rail lubrication.
Substitutes: LZ-Central research Institute, 1-13.

Application area: rolling bearings of axle boxes of railway locomotives, traction motor bearings.

Main operational characteristics: High water resistance and extreme pressure properties. Provides without replacement and replenishment 400000 kms driven electric locomotives and diesel locomotives. Working temperature from minus 40 up to plus 120°C.

Composition: low-viscosity petroleum oil, thickened with lithium soap of stearic, oleic and acids of castor oil; contains antioxidant additive.

Physico-chemical characteristics:

Name of the indicator
Norm on the other
Smooth homogeneous ointment of brown color
Dropping point, °C, not nothers
Penetration at 25°C with stirring (60 DVOinih cycles) mm·10-1
Colloid stability (mass fraction vydbelennogo oil), %, not more
Tensile strength at 80°C, PA, not less
Mass fraction of free alkali, %, not usedolee
The content of free organic acids
The lack of
The contents water
The lack of
The contents mechanical impurities, insoluble in hydrochloric acid
The lack of
Corrosive impact on metals

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Railway Lubricant JRO

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