• Transol 200

The grease Transol-200 TU 0254-14-53839702-2006

Transol-200 — friction gear lubricant.
Substitutes: Transol-100.

Applications: cylindrical and planetary gear reducers and motor reducers operating at the maximum specific loads in the mesh up to 2000 MPa.

Main exploitation characteristics: high anti-wear properties and chemical stability.

Working temperature from minus 30 to plus 120°C.

Ingredients: mineral oil, lithium thickened hydroxystearate; it contains anticorrosive, antioxidant, viscosity and extreme pressure additives.

The grease Transol-200 21 kg
Packing - gauge steel drum 25 l

Physico-chemical characteristics:

Name of the indicator
Norm on the other
Homogeneous ointment from light yellow to brown color
Dropping point, °C, not below
Penetration at 25°C without stirring (60 DVOinih cycles) mm·10-1
Colloid stability (mass fraction apportionmentx oil), %, not more
Mass fraction of free alkali, %, not more
The content of free organic acids
The lack of
The contents water
The lack of
Mass fraction of mechanical impurities nerestarimah in hydrochloric acid, %, not more
The effective viscosity at minus 30°C and the average gradient of the strain rate 10 s-1PA·s, not more

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Transol 200

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